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Mazda Finds Millennials Crave Road Trips

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According to a recent survey authorized by Mazda, Millennial drivers want to take more road trips. Despite their intentions for more time on the road, though, Millennials are hesitant to get going.

The Study

Kelton Global recently conducted a Mazda Millennial Drivers Survey that sought input from over 1,000 drivers in America aged 23 – 38. The survey found that nearly half of Millennials would love to take a road trip if they had adequate time to do so. Per the survey’s results, most Millennials believe that taking road trips with loved ones is a valuable bonding experience.

Road Trip Barriers

Mazda aimed to uncover why, despite a strong desire to do so, 72 percent of Millennials aren’t taking road trips. Per the survey, one of the biggest reasons why young drivers aren’t heading out on road trips is because they lack confidence when driving in poor weather conditions. Other roadblocks discovered by the survey include poor-performing vehicles, inadequate vehicle space, and driving fatigue.

Solution from Mazda

Per Dino Bernacchi, the Mazda North American Operations chief marketing officer, “Mazda has been focused on how driving makes you feel for more than 50 years and as a brand rooted in essentialism and ingenuity, we are discovering new ways to heighten driving experiences. While all our vehicles deliver on this feeling, the CX-30 brings the best of what is next from a company that is known for being a driver’s car.”

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