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How to Host a Kid-Friendly Bonfire Party

Summer Bonfire in McKinney, TexasWarm weather means longer days, shorter nights, bare feet on pavement, and just-crisp-enough breezy evenings that are absolutely perfect for hosting a bonfire with friends. Hosting a kid-friendly bonfire party is an awesome way to help your little ones socialize over the summer months while also enjoying the weather. Here are some great ideas for activities.

Campfire Songs

This one is a classic. If you know any campfire songs of your own, it can be fun to get the kids and their friends involved and teach them an old favorite. Bonus points if it has interactive movements.

Roasting Food

S’mores are obviously a fan-favorite, but hot dogs are also a great food to roast over an open fire. Just make sure they get cooked all the way through.

Scary Stories – or Not

Telling spooky ghost stories around the fire has also withstood the test of time, but if you’re afraid to upset the children, choose to make up stories instead. Start by having one person start with a sentence, and go around the circle having everyone add on.

Capture the Flag (with Glow Sticks)

If the kids get bored of sitting around the fire, you can mix things up by handing out glow sticks and having them play Capture the Glow Stick rather than standard Capture the Flag. It’s a fun way to take advantage of the dim light of evening.

Having a kid-friendly bonfire party is a cinch. The kids can be in charge of making their own food and having everyone together in the same space cultivates a fun and close atmosphere on a warm summer evening.

Best Places to Eat in Dallas

Places to eat in Dallas
Places to eat in Dallas

From Southern comforts to Tex-Mex to killer brunch or burgers, there are plenty of great places to eat in Dallas that everyone will love, no matter what your taste buds prefer.


Tacos are one of many Dallas specialties. You’ll find deliciously seasoned carne asada tacos at Maskaras Mexican Grill, a lucha libre (Mexican professional wrestling) themed restaurant. Or, if you’re on the north side, stop at Urban Taco for fresh twists on classics.


If you’re in Texas, you’ve got to try the Texas-based, 1950s chain Whataburger, which provides a classic—and classy—diner experience, promising excellent burgers and shakes. For something a little different, try Rodeo Goat where you can order the Royale With Cheese, featuring spiked ketchup and jalapeno bacon.


If you’re a fan of carbs, then you really need to set aside a morning for brunch at Bread Winners Cafe. With a long list of waffles, pancakes and French toast flavors to choose from, you may want to set aside time for a nap, too. If you want something slightly more upscale and with a real Southern comfort food vibe, head to Hattie’s Restaurant where you can fill up on a Bloody Mary, shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes and other staples.

Celebrate Love with an Unconventional Valentine’s Day

unconventional Valentine's Day
It’s so sweet!

A romantic, candle-lit table for two is never a bad thing. But sometimes, a change of scenery is just what you need to celebrate your love for another. This year, try one of these unconventional Valentine’s Day dates.

Active Adventure

Instead of sitting in front of a movie theatre screen, plan a date where you and your partner can be active. Sip hot cocoa and work on your axles at the local ice skating rink. Or, take a rock-climbing class at a local facility.

Get Creative

If you and your partner are a little less athletic and a little more creative, look for different classes offered in your area. You might try painting, sculpting, writing or even all three. If you both have a love for good food, a couples cooking class might even start a new Friday night tradition.

Have an Indoor Take-Out Picnic

Instead of making reservations at a busy restaurant, create your own ambient restaurant at home. Lay blankets on the floor of your living room and set up candles and your favorite romantic music. Then, order your favorite take-out and pick up a nice bottle of wine or two and have a romantic night in.

Gifts Under A Tree - McKinney, TX

Get These Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

Since the holidays are a time of giving, it’s important to find the right gifts for the loved ones in your life. If your loved one happens to love cars, then we have some great gift ideas for you. Here are some perfect holiday gifts for car lovers that will work with any budget.

 Speedometer cufflinks. Cufflinks are always a great gift for the men in your life, especially if they tend to wear suits. If this man also happens to love cars, then buying a pair of cufflinks that look like a car’s speedometer are a great gift idea. Allow the cufflinks to speak to the gift recipient’s love of vehicles, even when he’s in the conference room making a pitch.

 GoPro. Every racer wants to get better, which is why a GoPro camera is a top-notch choice if you have a slightly larger holiday gift budget than normal. This action-ready camera can be used in a multitude of ways, including being used to film leg and hand movements while a driver is going around the track. This allows them to see how to improve their driving skills, therefore improving their time. What better gift than a better lap?

 Driving school. Racetracks around the United States have a number of driving schools that will fulfill any racecar lover’s dream. No matter what type of racing your car lover enjoys, you are likely to find a school that will cater to it. These schools are expensive, though, so keep that in mind if you decide to give your car enthusiast the gift of driving.

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

If you plan on traveling this holiday season, now is the time to make plans. Travelers who don’t plan ahead often run into more problems than those who do and that can raise stress levels. That’s something no traveler needs this holiday season which is why we’re here to help! Here are some holiday-saving Thanksgiving travel tips from us here at El Dorado Mazda.

  • Technology – Use all of the available technology to your advantage. Check out websites and apps that help find the cheapest tickets and plan the fastest routes. See whether you should balance fuel economy or travel time and plan accordingly. Best of all, real-time traffic updates are sent to navigation systems and apps that can help you avoid problems on the road.
  • Packing – How you pack can change the way you travel. Packing light will ensure that you don’t pay as much in the way of baggage fees while drivers will find a lighter load eases their mind. Instead of bringing everything along for the ride, send it to your destination through a mail carrier.
  • Planning – Flyers would do well to arrive at the airport a few hours early. Check in and find your gate. Arriving early is better than arriving late, after all. Drivers should plan their route and allow some extra time for unforeseen obstacles. Brings snacks and fuel up before leaving to ensure less frequent stops.
Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition

Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition Sells Out

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the most popular roadsters are the road but the most recent limited edition proves just how popular it really is. The affordable roadster has seen its fair share of special editions and the 2017 model is bound to make it into rare car collections as time goes on. That said, the 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition sold out in under three weeks.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition was limited to a run of just 1,000 units, making it one of the rarest roadsters yet. The model itself commemorates the Retractable Fastback MX-5 Miata that used a retractable hardtop as opposed to the usual soft top.

The popular roadster’s limited edition sees Machine Gray Metallic and Auburn Nappa leather seating make it onto the list of standard features. As an added bonus, drivers who purchased the MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition will also receive a Tourneau MX-5 RF Launch Edition watch.

While the MX-5 Miata Launch Edition is officially sold out, buyers interested in the sporty roadster can check out the standard Mazda MX-5 RF which starts at around $32,000.

We here at El Dorado Mazda are happy to see the Mazda MX-5 Miata making such an enormous impression on roadster fans everywhere!

Mazda SKYACTIV® tech

How Mazda SKYACTIV® Tech Works

Any Mazda fan will recognize the words “SKYACTIV® Technology.” These breakthroughs in technology have allowed Mazda to go above and beyond when it comes to performance, delivering those fast, zippy speeds you’ve expected to come from the brand name. Mazda SKYACTIV® Technology was designed to use less fuel more efficiently to drain as much power as possible out of the engine, allowing Mazda’s lightweight cars to be as fuel efficient as they are powerful.

SKYACTIV® engines make use of technology that utilizes the world’s leading combustion ratio. What does that mean? In their quest to develop SKYACTIV® engines, Mazda set the bar high in search for the ideal combustion. What resulted was a compression ratio of 14:1, something that you just don’t see in any other engine on the market. Most conventional internal combustion engines only use around 30% of the potential energy their fuel produces.

Mazda SKYACTIV® Technology extends to the transmission, where Mazda has managed to seamlessly combine smooth transitions with more improved fuel economy. Both automatic and manual transmissions are available. The weight-reduced but more safe and rigid body and chassis allow for even more aerodynamic, lightweight reductions in fuel consumption. Basically, Mazda nailed their goal when it came to the development of SKYACTIV® Technology.

local Miata clubs

We Host Local Miata Clubs

Here at El Dorado Mazda, we are dedicated and enthusiastic about everything Mazda. That’s why we like to host events for local Miata clubs, clubs dedicated to the ownership and love of Mazda Miata vehicles. If you have a Miata and would like to participate and meet like-minded individuals, or if you’d just like to look, check out some of these Miata clubs.

Lone Star Miata Club presides over the Dallas and Ft. Worth regions, which makes it the regional Miata club for the area our dealership is in.

Dallas Ft. Worth Miata is another club in the same area. Their community is more forum-based, so users can interact with one another online as well as at club events.

Tejas Miata, with its Austin-based focal point, has a social Facebook group where it posts events and fosters group discussion among members.

Houston Miata Club is, as it says in the name, located in the Houston area. The website is features tons of member perks, a gallery of gorgeous pics, and even a forum.

Bluebonnet Miata Club has monthly meetings for San Antonio Mazda Miata enthusiasts and also has an online community.

Check out these local Miata clubs if you’re looking for a group to share your love for the legendary Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Mazda SKYACTIV® tech

2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition

Mazda’s most loyal customers will get the first shot to purchase the exclusive 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Launch Edition. Production will be limited to 1,000 units and will come with unique feautres such as Machine Gray Metallic paint, Auburn Nappa leather interior trim, and a hand-painted black roof panel.

Eligible Mazda customers will get an email notifying them of the opportunity to pre-order this limited edition model. They will then have a specific time window to place their orders before it opens to the general public. Every RF Launch Edition will be made to order with only one available option—SKYACTIV-MT six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission.

Every RF Launch Edition custom car will also come with a complimentary, custom-designed 42mm Tourneau watch.

Robert Davis, senior VP, U.S. Operations, MNAO, said, “Rarely does any automaker have a vehicle that garners the sort of loyalty and enthusiasm MX-5 generates—something we don’t take lightly. MX-5 RF is the next chapter of this storied model line, and we can’t think of a better way to give back than to first offer this bespoke Launch Edition to those who have stuck with us, believing in our mission to deliver the best-driving vehicles on the road.”

If you miss out on the opportunity to purchase one of these unique models, the 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF will be coming to dealerships across the country early in 2017.

baby safety in cars

Learn About Baby Safety in Cars during Baby Safety Month

Babies are undeniably the cutest members of any family, but they are also incredibly helpless, which is why they need us to keep them safe. In today’s world, many of us travel by car nearly every single day and if we have children, that includes are babies. Cars can be a dangerous place for a baby, which is why during Baby Safety Month we’re sharing some simple tips on baby safety in cars.

  • Always use a car seat. Young children need to be in a car seat so they can stay properly secure during an accident. When correctly used, a car seat can reduce the risk of a child dying in an accident by as much as 71%.
  • Right seat, right place, right direction. Make sure the car seat you are using for your child is appropriate for their age, weight, and height. Also, children need to stay in the back seat until they are at least 13. Finally, toddlers should be kept rear-facing as long as possible, and at least until they are two years old.
  • Never leave them in the car alone. No matter who quickly you think an errand might take, you should never leave your children in the car alone. Cars are like greenhouses and can heat up very quickly, especially in the summer. Even in as little as 20 minutes, your children could start showing signs of heatstroke.

With these simple tips, we can help keep our children safer in the car.