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Mazda Finds Millennials Crave Road Trips

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According to a recent survey authorized by Mazda, Millennial drivers want to take more road trips. Despite their intentions for more time on the road, though, Millennials are hesitant to get going.

The Study

Kelton Global recently conducted a Mazda Millennial Drivers Survey that sought input from over 1,000 drivers in America aged 23 – 38. The survey found that nearly half of Millennials would love to take a road trip if they had adequate time to do so. Per the survey’s results, most Millennials believe that taking road trips with loved ones is a valuable bonding experience.

Road Trip Barriers

Mazda aimed to uncover why, despite a strong desire to do so, 72 percent of Millennials aren’t taking road trips. Per the survey, one of the biggest reasons why young drivers aren’t heading out on road trips is because they lack confidence when driving in poor weather conditions. Other roadblocks discovered by the survey include poor-performing vehicles, inadequate vehicle space, and driving fatigue.

Solution from Mazda

Per Dino Bernacchi, the Mazda North American Operations chief marketing officer, “Mazda has been focused on how driving makes you feel for more than 50 years and as a brand rooted in essentialism and ingenuity, we are discovering new ways to heighten driving experiences. While all our vehicles deliver on this feeling, the CX-30 brings the best of what is next from a company that is known for being a driver’s car.”

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Mazda Toyota Teams Up with Forever Wild Land Trust to Protect Pygmy Sunfish

The joint Mazda Toyota plant in Huntsville, Alabama, first announced in the first quarter of 2018, began construction in the summer of 2019. But it was quickly discovered that the plant was close to the habitat of endangered pygmy sunfish, and production halted for a time.

The land that houses the habitat was then bought by the Forever Wild Land Trust, part of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, for $10 million. The rare pygmy sunfish is a one-inch-long freshwater fish that make their home in warm climates.

For months the trust worked with Mazda Toyota and the Center for Biological Diversity to figure out a way to proceed with building the plant and vehicle production without disturbing the habitat. In the winter of 2019, Mazda Toyota promised $6 million to go toward the protection of the sunfish.

Mazda Toyota has also agreed that the plant will not use any pesticides or rodenticides, operate heavy equipment within the wetlands and other water bodies, and that there will be “no extraction, withdrawal, diversion, and impoundment of ground and surface water.”

The trust was happy with this donation, saying it shows that “economic development and conservation can go hand in hand,” and that this move will allow Alabama to protect its natural resources while still encouraging job growth in the area.

Eco-friendly innovations are a hallmark of Mazda — visit El Dorado Mazda to learn more.

Mazda Makes Rear Seat Reminder Commitment

2019 Mazda CX-5 interior - McKinney, TX

In September 2019, Mazda joined a growing number of automotive giants committed to making rear seat reminders a standard feature in the industry. Mazda, as well as the other automakers in this voluntary agreement, agreed to ensure a rear seat reminder system is included on all vehicles across the lineup by 2025.

Rear seat reminders provide feedback intended to alert those traveling with children to check the back seats before exiting the car. With rear seat reminders, audible and visible notifications trigger when the vehicle detects a child is still in the vehicle after the engine is turned off.

The goal of the program is to protect children from the many dangers of being left alone in a vehicle. Per Mazda’s President, Jeff Guyton, “Sadly, each year, we see children die from heatstroke suffered when left unattended in the back seat of passenger vehicles — most of these deaths are caused by children being unintentionally left in the vehicles.” Providing rear seat reminder technology across the Mazda lineup will help avoid unnecessary safety hazards for children.

The step to join this pact to standardize rear seat reminders is yet another demonstration of the commitment by Mazda to keep its passengers safe. Contact your trusted sales associates at El Dorado Mazda if you are interested in discussing the robust existing suite of passive and active safety technologies offered in the Mazda lineup.

Mazda and Toyota Collaborate on New Six-Cylinder Engine

2019 Mazda CX-5 in McKinney, TX

Earlier this year, Mazda released the SKYACTIV®-X gasoline engine on the new Mazda3. Now, the automaker is collaborating with Toyota on a new inline six-cylinder SKYACTIV®-X engine.

Per The News Wheel, both manufacturers will use the engine on future production models. Mazda will likely incorporate it on the Mazda6, which is set for release sometime in 2022. Toyota will likely incorporate it on an unnamed, future four-door sedan model, though we’ll have to wait for more details on exactly which model that will be.

The newest partnership between Mazda and Toyota comes as no surprise considering the two companies’ past collaborations over the past few years. Per Forbes, the two OEMs joined forces in 2015 over long-term projects that will promote safety and fuel efficiency technologies. Two years later, in 2017, the duo enlisted the help of Japanese supplier Denso to develop electric-vehicle technologies.

We’ll have to wait a couple of more years to witness the upcoming inline six-cylinder SKYACTIV®-X engine that Mazda and Toyota are working on. In the meantime, we can expect both companies to continue to collaborate with Denso, as well as Lexus, on progressive projects that will advance green-energy and driverless-car technologies.

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Mazda Upscale Makeover Will Appeal to New Buyers

2019Mazda3Hatchback in McKinney, TXThis is a year of change for Mazda. Already known for creating performance-oriented vehicles that find the balance between premium offerings and athletic good looks, this carmaker tends to appeal to younger audiences. Now, it’s looking to broaden its appeal, focusing on consumers who want a taste of luxury in their everyday driver.

According to the new Mazda Chief Marketing Officer Dino Bernacchi, Mazda will now have a clear, unified message that will put the brand directly in the sweet spot between mass-market cars and their luxury counterparts. This Mazda upscale makeover will help cultivate vehicles that offer premium-level interiors and smart technologies without sacrificing affordable prices.

One of the results of this move toward the upscale automotive world is the addition of the “Signature” trim on many Mazda models. This includes the CX-5, CX-9, and Mazda6 sedan. With this Signature trim, you will receive Nappa leather seats, premium wood trim, and all-wheel drive. You will also get an Active Driving Display with Traffic Sign Recognition, Pedestrian Detection, and climate-controlled seating.

With the addition of this new trim – and its focus on being more luxurious – Mazda is hoping to enter into competition with established European and other Japanese luxury brands. El Dorado Mazda is glad to see the appeal of Mazda reaching new buyers.

Mazda Plans to Remove Touchscreens from Its Models

2019 Mazda3 in McKinney, TX

Tablet-like touchscreens have become the norm in most new cars, trucks, and SUVs. They serve several purposes: infotainment system, navigation, rear camera visual, and more. But in a shocking move, Mazda plans to remove touchscreens from its lineup, starting with the 2019 Mazda3.

Contrary to what you might think, the move is not about saving money. In fact, Mazda plans to go back to tactile buttons and dials, which is actually more expensive than touchscreen technology.

So why is Mazda considering this change? It’s all about safety. Mazda did some research to understand how drivers interact with their touchscreens and how much it leads to distraction. Alarmingly, Mazda found that these screens take a lot of our attention because every surface of the screen feels the same, meaning we actually have to look to ensure we are pressing the right buttons. Mazda’s study also notes that drivers can accidentally turn the steering wheel while reaching for the touchscreen.

AAA and the University of Iowa’s Dr. Dan McGehee have also done research into the matter and concluded that using the touchscreen instead of buttons for tasks like adjusting volume and temperature requires more of our attention. Touchscreens also increase strain on our eyes, which can be damaging during long trips.

El Dorado Mazda is glad that Mazda cares about your safety and is dedicated to keeping your eyes on the road.

Is Mazda a New Luxury Brand?

2019 Mazda3 in McKinney, TX

With its attention to detail, sculpted styling, and innovative technology, Mazda’s lineup demonstrates the makings of a new luxury brand. Most drivers tend to compare Mazda vehicles to other Japanese marques, like Nissan, Toyota, and Honda; however, once they test drive Mazda models and their rivals, it’s clear that Mazda outpaces both its direct competitors and most premium brands.

With each new vehicle, Mazda’s designers and engineers up the ante. Although the Mazda CX-5 competes with the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V, the Mazda team designed a vehicle that could take on luxury crossovers, too. While priced comparably to Honda, Toyota, and Nissan,  the CX-5 includes features often found in luxury models. With its exciting driving dynamics, handcrafted details, and SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY, the Mazda CX-5 can challenge the Audi Q3 and Lexus NX.

Mazda also has one signature model that’s unmatched by both luxury and mass-market competitors: the MX-5 Miata roadster. Now in its fourth generation, the Mazda MX-5 Miata raises the bar for class, design, and driving experience. Most competitors don’t offer a roadster, and those that do can’t match Mazda’s pricing or style.

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Mazda’s New SKYACTIV®-X Engine Offers Breathtaking Performance

2019 Mazda3 in McKinney, TX

Mazda is once again bringing innovation to the auto industry with its advanced engineering. This past December at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the automaker announced a new SKYACTIV®-X engine, debuting in the 2019 Mazda3. With the 2019 Mazda3, the automaker elevates its compact car with a premium interior and stellar new engine.

Mazda’s new SKYACTIV®-X engine an all-new type of engine. Although many Mazda fans are waiting on a rotary engine, this motor isn’t a rotary; instead, the SKYACTIV®-X employs Homogenous Charge Combustion Ignition technology. Its design is based on a diesel engine, in which compressed fuel ignites concurrently instead of spreading from a local spark. While this is difficult to achieve with a gas engine, Mazda developed a system that uses a small spark and generates extra pressure to produce power without sacrificing efficiency.

Mazda supercharged the engine for greater efficiency and integrated it with a mild-hybrid system, giving a bump to the acceleration and making the vehicle more responsive than before. As a result of this fine-tuning, the new SKYACTIV®-X engine is approximately 20 percent more efficient when compared to its conventional gas engines.

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Ground Is Broken at New Mazda Toyota Plant

2019 Mazda3 in McKinney, TX

Last month on Nov. 16, Mazda and Toyota turned the first shovel of dirt on the future Mazda Toyota plant in Huntsville, Alabama. The plant will be jointly owned and operated by the two automotive giants and is expected to be operational by 2021.

The new plant represents a $1.6 billion joint investment and, at peak capacity, will be able to create 300,000 vehicles a year. Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc., as the plant will be named, will create 40,000 jobs in the Huntsville area.

Toyota will use the plant to manufacture the new 2020 Corolla, which was unveiled last month in California. Mazda will use the plant to manufacture a crossover model that it has yet to unveil.

“We are proud to be here with Toyota, with whom we share the bond of pride in manufacturing,” remarked Kiyotaka Shobuda, Mazda’s senior managing executive officer. “We are proud to be breaking ground on a new ‘home’ here in Huntsville – a city that believes in the possibilities of technology and manufacturing, and has striven to realize mankind’s greatest dream.”

The joint plant will allow the two automakers to be more agile and should be a competitive advantage for both Mazda and Toyota. Here at El Dorado Mazda, we’re excited to see what’s to come for the Mazda brand!

Mazda Driving Study Says People Don’t Want Self-Driving Cars

While much of the automotive industry is spending its time dreaming of futuristic self-driving vehicles, Mazda has a different priority in mind. The brand—whose slogan is “Driving Matters”— believes in a world where buyers still enjoy the experience of driving. As evidence, a recent Mazda driving study that polled European drivers discovered that 66% of drivers across Europe would like to drive their own vehicle, even if self-driving cars are readily available.

Those polled in the UK specifically were even more supportive of a future filled with human drivers. A total of 70% of those polled in the UK voted against a future ruled by self-driving cars.Mazda CX-3

That’s not to say that the Mazda vehicles at El Dorado Mazda and other dealerships won’t have any autonomous technology. The brand prioritizes technology as much as it does smooth engineering and sleek design. But instead of striving for completely autonomous vehicles, the company aims to provide autonomous features that can work with the driver as tools for extra awareness of potential collisions.

Mazda firmly believes in the pleasure of driving—especially when it comes to its lineup, which you can find at El Dorado Mazda. Currently, the company has no foreseeable plans to take the driving experience away from its loyal customers, and we’re glad for that.