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Introducing the Mazda Co-Pilot Concept

Mazda in McKinney, TX

For decades, Mazda has engineered safe, fun-to-drive vehicles that feature the day’s leading technologies. As the automotive industry moves towards autonomous vehicles, Mazda takes aim at the emerging technology with its brand-new Mazda Co-Pilot Concept.

Safety First

The Co-Pilot Concept from Mazda will utilize autonomous driving technologies to monitor the behavior of both the driver and the vehicle. If the driver becomes incapacitated, Co-Pilot will take control, steer to a safe location and alert emergency services. Though this technology is currently in development for the upcoming 2020 Mazda Co-Pilot Concept2, you shouldn’t expect to see the Co-Pilot in Mazda vehicles for sale here at El Dorado Mazda for a few years. Mazda aims for Co-Pilot technology to be standard on all Mazda vehicles by 2025.

Autonomy, Not Automation

Mazda designs cars and SUVs for customers who love to hear the engine roar to life and feel the pavement beneath the tires, not those looking for a hands-off, chauffeured ride. As such, the Co-Pilot concept will not fully automate driving. Instead, you will be able to enjoy the thrill of the open road and the peace of mind afforded by autonomous technologies intended to avoid emergencies. The automaker’s “human-centered” autonomous solution looks to keep the joy behind the driver’s seat while keeping the roads safer for everyone.

While Co-Pilot isn’t available yet, the team of sales consultants at El Dorado Mazda is happy to walk you through the automaker’s current impressive suite of available safety features.

New Mazda Kai Concept Showcases Single Motion Design

Auto fans recognize Mazda for its signature look, which utilizes the brands well-known Kodo design language. There’s no doubt that it’s easy to recognize a Mazda when you’re driving down the street. Now, though, the brand is looking to branch out beyond its usual look—and it does just that with the Kai Concept.

During the New York Auto Show earlier this year, the Mazda Kai Concept introduced a brand-new design language called the Single Motion design—also referred to as “The Speed of Light.” It supplies smooth surfaces, highlighting the way that light and shadow reflects off the vehicle, while also hinting at the model’s athletic performance.

This departure from the previous Double Motion styling, which utilizes strong, accented edges rather than smooth lines, is worth a note—especially since it showcases Mazda’s ability to innovate. It also brings a futuristic feeling to the brand’s lineup, making it easy to get excited to see what the Japanese carmaker has in store down the road.

The Kai Concept itself hasn’t received a production or release date just yet, and we’re not sure if it ever will, but it certainly means that Mazda is taking progressive steps in the design realm. Stop by El Dorado Mazda for more information about this exciting style direction, and to test drive a new Mazda model.