Enjoy Your Commute: Mazda’s Driving Matters Campaign

Mazda's driving matters campaign
Mazda’s driving matters campaign

Over time, driving can seem like little more than a chore. As you make your daily commute to work, and cart your kids to and fro, driving is just something you have to do to get “there.” This is made even more unfortunate because most of us drive a lot.


Mazda hopes to change all of that! With Mazda’s Driving Matters campaign, the automaker is trying to get the word out.


What’s the word? As Mazda puts it in a recent press release, “Driving is an experience that can enhance your life.”


This philosophy inspires the design and engineering process of each and every Mazda vehicle. Russell Wager, vice president of marketing, MNAO, explained that it’s Mazda’s unwavering belief that driving can be enjoyable and make life better that compels them to “obsess over every detail” when they are designing their cars.


So, if you are one of the people for whom driving has become a bore, it may not be you. It could be your car. At El Dorado Mazda in McKinney, TX we take pride in finding the vehicle that is right for you, so take a look at our inventory and stop in for a test drive!!

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