Best Road Trip Destinations in Texas You’ve Never Heard of

best road trip destinations in Texas
best road trip destinations in Texas

If you are the road-tripping type, you probably have been on the road enough to feel like you’ve been everywhere—but you haven’t! We’ve got some of the best road trip destinations in Texas you’ve probably never heard of.

The Marfa Lights in Marfa, Texas make for a great road trip destination, appealing to the most casual visitor, let alone fans of The X-Files. Look southwest on a clear night in Marfa and you might see dots of light on the horizon. As the Houston Press explained, these lights were first reported in 1883 (before electricity) and have remained unexplained ever since.

The State Gem of Texas is Topaz. The interesting thing about topaz is that the only place you can find it is in Mason County. There’s no commercial mining in the area and a lot of people enjoy mining for the stuff themselves. You can pick up supplies from a local ranch.

One lesser-known travel destination in Texas will undoubtedly appeal to history buffs. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is located about 100 miles northwest of Austin. The domed-shape rock is made of pink granite and rises up 425 feet. It’s fun to climb and the area around it provides great hiking opportunities. There are many enchanting Native American legends surrounding the rock, too.

Check out one of these destinations this summer, or plan a road trip to El Dorado Mazda!

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