local Miata clubs

We Host Local Miata Clubs

Here at El Dorado Mazda, we are dedicated and enthusiastic about everything Mazda. That’s why we like to host events for local Miata clubs, clubs dedicated to the ownership and love of Mazda Miata vehicles. If you have a Miata and would like to participate and meet like-minded individuals, or if you’d just like to look, check out some of these Miata clubs.

Lone Star Miata Club presides over the Dallas and Ft. Worth regions, which makes it the regional Miata club for the area our dealership is in.

Dallas Ft. Worth Miata is another club in the same area. Their community is more forum-based, so users can interact with one another online as well as at club events.

Tejas Miata, with its Austin-based focal point, has a social Facebook group where it posts events and fosters group discussion among members.

Houston Miata Club is, as it says in the name, located in the Houston area. The website is features tons of member perks, a gallery of gorgeous pics, and even a forum.

Bluebonnet Miata Club has monthly meetings for San Antonio Mazda Miata enthusiasts and also has an online community.

Check out these local Miata clubs if you’re looking for a group to share your love for the legendary Mazda MX-5 Miata.

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