Mazda3 production

Mazda3 Production Surpasses Five Million Mark

Just 13 years, the Mazda3 first arrived on the road. Two months ago, Mazda3 production reached its five-million-units milestone.

This production milestone is a new record for Mazda. It is only the second Mazda to reach five million units of production, the Mazda Familia is the other. And, it reached this goal in less than 13 years, much faster than the Familia. It is manufactured in various locations around the world, including Japan, China, Thailand, and Mexico.

The Mazda3 is one of the most important Mazda models since it accounts for nearly a full third of total sales volume. It entered its third generation in 2013. With the addition of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and Kodo—Soul of Motion design, the Mazda3 is both high-tech and stylish—two things you wouldn’t normally expect from a compact car.

As one of the most critically acclaimed small cars in the world, the Mazda3 is not going anywhere. If you love driving, but want something small and fuel efficient, the Mazda3 is the car for you. It will give you a much more connected driving feel than the competition while still delivering excellent fuel efficiency and eye-catching styling. Take it out for a test drive today at El Dorado Mazda.

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