Mazda CX-9 Reviews

2016 Mazda CX-9 Wins Luxury Vehicle Award

EBONY Magazine comes out with a Vehicle Awards issue every year, in which different vehicles are awarded in different categories. This year, Mazda got a mention! The Mazda CX-9 won the luxury vehicle award from EBONY magazine.

The CX-9 earned the title of “Pretty Boy” among the newest of the luxury vehicles on the market. It is a best-in-class crossover, with an eye-catching look (hence the Pretty Boy name) and tons of new technologies like i-ACTIV all-wheel drive and its SKYACTIV-G turbocharged engine.

This vehicle really earned its Luxury Vehicle title from EBONY thanks to its unique and top-notch elements. “From its proud grille to its dual exhaust, and everything in between, we’ve designed a vehicle that paints the direction for where we want the Mazda bran to go, now and in the future,” said Julien Montousse, director of design at Mazda North American Operations.

If the CX-9 is the future of Mazda, there’s sure to even more amazing vehicles popping up on the market. You can look out for the 2016 Mazda CX-9 in its late spring on-sale date.

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